We introduce several workshops that will be available to sign up for at Norwegian Bioinformatics Days 2022.

Registered participants will be able to sign up to their preferred workshop in due time before the conference. It will also be possible to register on-site at the conference for workshops with free spaces.

ELIXIR NORWAY “bring your project” workshop


The workshop will provide drop-in meetings for the ELIXIR team to discuss with researchers their projects (at any stage) and what support exists within Norway to help them.

High-performance computing in bioinformatics with Numpy/bioNumpy

Organizers: Knut Rand, Ivar Grytten, and Geir Kjetil Sandve (UiO)

The workshop will provide an introduction to how Numpy and bioNumpy (developed by the organizers) can be used to create high-performance and high quality code for biological data analysis.

Responsible development in machine learning

Organizers: Marco Angel Bertani-Økland (EcoOnline) and Katalin Ferenc (UiO)

The workshop will focus on the introduction of machine learning approaches and will give special emphasis on dependency management and software quality with focus on reproducibility, maintainability, readability, and extensibility of code.

Challenges in single cell RNA sequencing analyses

Organizers: Xavier Tekpli (OUS), Susanne Lorenz (OUS), Saikat D. Sajib (UiT), Salim Ghannoum (OUS), and Diana Domanska (UiO)

The goal of the proposed workshop is to cover few challenges we encounter when analyzing single cell RNA sequencing data. The workshop will be suitable for an audience with different levels of expertise in the field of single cell RNA-seq analysis, from newbies to experienced attendees.